Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sock Randomness for Wednesday

Two posts in the same week? Weird. I turned in the store model socks without pics. Perhaps I'll stalk them with the camera once they are on dispay.

The "Hubby socks that would not end" have met an unfortunate fate. I did not have enough yarn to get all the way to the toe, and toe-less socks are right out. So last night with a heavy sigh they got frogged. Back to square one. A do-over with bigger needles is coming, but I just couldn't get them started last night.

Another pair may be destined for the frog pond. Here are my Rockin' Sock Club socks so far. As lovely as they look, they are a bit on the roomy size for my feet. I did the toes on US 1 and the foot on US 0 needles, I may have to go smaller. I'm going to continue for another inch or two so I can get a better feel for the fit over the ball of my foot.

Monday night I went to the Eastside Knitter's Guild meeting. I enjoyed it, I joined. Ryan was there talking about Dulaan. It gave me ideas about what to do with some yarn I recently cleaned out of the garage and was planning to donate somewhere. I'll be perusing the suggested patterns section to find some inspiration. Maybe since I'm having sock trauma, some quick and easy charity hat knitting is just the thing.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Monday!

I finished something! Ok, it's the model socks for the store and they seem to have gone MIA before I could get a picture. I thought I put them in my bag so I could drop them off on my way home from work, but clearly they escaped. Perhaps tomorrow I'll capture them and get a mug shot for you.

Spring cleaning mode has hit me hard. My house of chaos is probably the biggest reason. This experience has really brought home the fact that we have entirely too much crap. Trying to get things organized and back to a working order is exhausting. There has been a lot of sorting and culling and parting with things. Not just of things that were damaged, but of all the rest of the stuff too. It feels good to let go of stuff that hasn't seen the light of day in years and has just been getting in the way. The major accomplishments of the weekend were moving my knitting stuff up to the dresser in the spare room so I can get to my dresser, and hubby parked his car in the garage for the first time ever! I have a big basket of clothes I'll never wear again to take to the donation station, the garbage and recycling cans are ready for pick up day!

Happy spring!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Yes, I finally found the USB cable for my camera! And we have a bathroom upstairs again! I am loving the new tile... ain't it pretty? At this point I think the contractor is all done with our house. Tomorrow the people come to run a gas line into the laundry area for the new dryer, and the new washer and dryer will be delivered on the 10th. I'm not sure we have enough clean clothes to get us all the way to the 10th, so I may have to do one more laundry run to my friend's house this weekend. Normalcy is returning at long last.

This is for Carole. This is what the cherry tree in my front yard looked like this morning. It really illustrates what March is to me. The last gasp of winter doing battle with the first blush of spring. I apologize for the quality, I don't have a steady hand when trying to take a picture over my head. :-)