Thursday, November 16, 2006

Socks are afoot

My holiday knitting is well underway. I think I have now picked out yarn I like and that is machine washable for all those I plan to gift with hand knit socks this year. This was more challenging than you might think. It started with just a couple people and I went and bought sock yard to get started. Before I'd even started those I decided that I really wasn't feeling the love for the colors I'd purchased. Back to the drawing board, and the yarn store. I found new yarn I liked and jumped in. After knitting a good distace on both pair I realized that one wasn't superwash. I'm not going to give hand wash only socks to someone as a gift unless I know that caring for hand wash items is totally cool with them. The second pair got frogged when I realized I had misjudged the size of the foot in question. Oops! Do-over part 2.

I now believe that I have picked yarn for all my recipients (now up to 6) that I like and have accurate shoe size information on all of them. That brings us to the progress!

Here we have my various stages of progress. The pair waiting for toe grafting is Trekking XXL color 135. The pair just past the heel is Sockotta color 5618. The pair just started is Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock color 50 amish. The socks to be started later is Austermann Step color 6. All using the basic Harlot recipe and size 0 (2mm) addis. I have the rest of the sock yarn at home, this is just what I have in my bag at the moment.

I started the Lorna's socks last night. For the first time ever I knit in the car! Dramamine rocks, I just wish I had thought to try that years ago.

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Melanie said...

Look at you rockin' the sox!
Go girl!
The last time we talked we had a difference of opinions on how we like to knit our socks..but now seeing all those top downs..Im wanting to try it again.
BTW I finished my first lace project, and in 7 days! I'll try to remember it tomorrow.
See you then!