Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My quiet corner of blogland

I have been knitting. I have been spinning. I have not been blogging. I finished baby blanket number 1 and have started number 2. I am completely loving knitting this pattern.

I have also started my Everyday Cardigan. In fact, I've been switching back and forth between sweater and blankies to break up the endless miles of stockinette. I'm knitting this out of Peace Fleece and the colorway is called Anna's Grasshopper. I got gauge with size US9 needles, so it is going pretty fast. I love the color and I will wear this sweater, but the knitting is not exciting.

I don't have pictures of anything because it's been really dark and gloomy here. Today it's actually sunny out. Cold, but sunny. Right now it's 29F. Hopefully I'll be able to get some decent pics of the sweater and blankies. Although I won't post pics of the blankies here until after they have been delivered to the appropriate baby showers. There are some progress shots of blankie 1 in my Ravelry notebook.

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