Friday, January 09, 2009

Let There Be Rest!

This week has been an exhausting and emotional one. The short story is that my hubby ended up spending five days in the hospital with blood clot issues. He's home now and doing well, but it was not the way we wanted to start the new year. Having him home the last two nights has been better, both for quantity and quality of sleep. This weekend the big plan is to rest! We have no plans. I plan to sleep in as late as I want both days. I'm not sure I'm interested in anything that involves getting dressed in anything other than jammies, or leaving the house. Perhaps that will change, but perhaps not.

Wish me luck!


Elaine said...

How scary! I'm glad the hubbo is home and resting. Peace to both of you.

AmyPinSeattle said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry! But I'm glad it was discovered and he's recovered enough to come home.

My sister went through this last January and ended up in ICU for over 3 weeks. The clot wouldn't break up and then triggered a heart attack. She was 36! So I totally understand what you are going through.

I can give you the name of the BEST blood dr in the area if you need it. He's the one that everyone tries to get into so it can be a bit of a wait to get an appointment.