Friday, March 19, 2010

My Sweater Issue

I just bought yarn for a sweater. This may not really be an issue, but it got me thinking about how many times I've done this compared to how many finished sweaters I have in the closet. The answers respectively are 8 and 1. Also, the one finished sweater is too big and I can't really wear it. In the spirit of full disclosure, and in a hope that said disclosure will inspire me to actually finish a wearable sweater, here is my list...
  1. Peace Fleece - Lena's Grasshopper color way. I did knit all the pieces of the Everyday Cardigan, but when I started sewing it up I realized that the shape wasn't good for me and the sleeves were too tight at the cuff and huge at the shoulder. My plan is to frog this and choose a different pattern.
  2. Dream in Color Classy - Wisterious color way. I started the February Lady Sweater out of this and I intend to finish it. I put it down last summer when the weather was heading into triple digits. Since last summer I have lost 25 pounds and I am sure I will have to frog this and start over with a smaller size.
  3. Knit Picks Vest Kit. It was on sale. In my defense, it is a stranded knitting project and I want to use it as my practice project for honing my stranded technique and as my first ever adventure in steeking.
  4. Kauni - I don't remember what color it is, but it's in shades of wines and violets. I haven't picked a pattern for it yet, but it will be stranded and I'm a little intimidated. The yarn was on sale last May during the LYS Tour. Every so often I pull it out just to smell it. What?
  5. Philosopher's Wool Kit - OMG this is so awesome! My MIL has a friend who had decided that she had too many hobbies and needed to cut back. Quilting won out over knitting so she was giving everything away. Most of it went to charity, but she had some stuff she thought would bring in some money at the Rotary auction. I got a call asking if I knew what this Philosopher's Wool thing was and did I want it? I may have actually danced right there on the phone. My MIL said she would rather give it to me and know it was well appreciated than have someone bid $5.00 on it in the silent auction. SCORE! Again, I'm totally excited, but intimidated by the scope of this project.
  6. Kathmandu Aran - a wine colored tweed. This is the new stuff and it will become Tribeca as soon as I get the rest of it and do a swatch.
  7. Lavendar cotton - I don't remember what brand it is let alone a color way. I received half this yarn at a guild holiday party a couple years ago, and traded another member for the other half. I haven't picked a pattern for this yet.
  8. Ok, the one I finished is a top down v-neck cardi out of an organic cotton. The problem is that I made it too big. And then I lost a bunch of weight. Now it is like a tent on me, and I don't like it. I love the yarn and the pattern and the buttons and everything, so I am going to have to remake it in a smaller size. The down side is that I don't have any of those other sweaters to wear. Until I finish one of these other things I'm going to leave the much loved but unwearable sweater in the closet.
So that's my sweater saga. Hopefully soon I'll have some progress and success to report. Wish me luck!

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