Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Frog a sweater. There are some things going on right now over which I have no control, but which are causing a fair amount of stress. Naturally I turned to knitting, but was having a hard time settling on anything. I want something new and shiny, but nothing suits. Then today I realized that what I really need is to have total control of something. I need to boss around my knitting! There's only so much bossing needed for socks, a hat or scarf, they aren't very satisfying that way. Then I remembered the sweater I've been ignoring for several years.

I knit all the pieces, but once seamed, it didn't fit. As an extra bonus it looked like crap on me. This is the perfect project to boss around. I've started taking out the seams in order to rip this bad boy out, reclaim the lovely yarn and knit this sucker into a sweater that doesn't suck! Wish me luck.

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