Friday, May 01, 2015


So, um... it's been a year?  Sorry!

I did meet my goal of finishing 12 pairs of socks in 12 months.  And I finished the 13th pair early in January and decided I was sick of socks for a while.  The sweater got ditched when the baby blanket project popped up, and never made it back into rotation.  The shawl and I had a bit of a falling out.  Or rather the shawl had a bit of a falling off the needles, and after unknitting and reknitting almost 7000 stitches to fix it, I put it aside for my mental health.  I must admit that losing those stitches was entirely my own stupid fault, and I should know better than to leave a project of that magnitude sitting with stitches unsecured, and I should really know better than to pick it up carelessly.  None of that knowing made any difference.

The last six months have been hard.  Without going into any details, I have been both sick and tired for most of that time.  I decided in January that I wasn't going to make huge knitting goals this year, and that was probably for the best.  My knitting time has been limited and sporadic.  And when I do have a chance to knit, sometimes I don't make much progress.  For example, a couple of weeks ago on my usual knit night, I started but did not manage to finish the thumb of a mitten.  The Thumb!  When I next picked it up and took stock, I needed to knit one more round and do the decreases.  But that night I just didn't have it in me.

So, last year was at least partly a success.  This year has been... I don't even know what.  And now we are heading into the summer months.  I do have a baby blanket on the go because I'm going to be a great-auntie later in the summer!  After that I'm not sure what will happen.  Hopefully, starting now I can avoid any additional illness or injury, and get back to more regular knitting.

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