Friday, February 28, 2014

Total Domination*

Here we are on the last day of February, and I can mark another month as a total success.  Here are my XLVIII Champs* socks.

These were cast on out of Hometeam Football on the first of the month, and finished on the 21st. Win!

The shawl knitting went very smoothly.  I'm in a chart that isn't very complicated, it just takes time to complete each round.  Luckily with the handy spreadsheet I found, I know exactly what round I have to get through for each month and that makes the slog of the current chart very manageable.

I did not get any progress made on the sweater this month.  Sweater knitting has been interrupted by the news that a friend is expecting a baby!  This is the second child in the family, so the blanket that has been started is similar to big brother's blankie from a couple of years ago.  Here is a preview...
So the sweater will have to wait until this is done since there is a more pressing deadline here.

Overall, I am finding the specific goals to be working well for me.  It has also given me a new outlook on starting new projects and a much more realistic view of my knitting time.

* The Super Bowl was very exciting for those of us in the Pacific Northwest!  Go Seahawks!

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