Thursday, March 06, 2014


I was sick over the weekend.  It wasn't a terrible sick, but the kind where I had no motivation to do anything but sit and knit on something that required almost no thought.  By Sunday night I was well on my way to having a sock.  Last night we went to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee on her current book tour and this happened.
That is me and my sock taking a picture of Stephanie and her sock.  Not a great picture, but it amuses me.  Her talk was funny and touching and it was lovely to see here again, if only from the back of the room.  Since my copy of her book is on my kindle, and it was pretty late, and it was a school night, we didn't stay to talk to her or have her sign anything.  I did, however, finish the knitting of that sock while she spoke.

This morning I wove in the ends and started the second sock.  
The yarn is Alegria by Manos del Uruguay in the Locura fluo colorway, and it is lovely to work with.  Aside from the sick, this is a great start to March!

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