Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chugging along

There hasn't been much news to report, I guess. I'm trying to get the Diamond shawl finished. I'm down to the last 37 rows, but since I'm up over 650 stitches per row now, it just takes time. I haven't really worked on much else in the last couple weeks because I feel like I'm so close to the end of this one that I just keep at it.

I did do a little work on some socks I'm planning as holiday gifts. So far though, I'm just not feeling the love with the socks. In fact, I even frogged the socks I was making for myself with the sock yarn I got as a birthday gift. Perhaps once I get the Diamond done I'll be able to get into socks. For now it's really all about getting through purling 650+ stitches.

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Perpetual Motion said...

The family curse. I had a sweater going when we got to PA, a cute little sweater/shrug thing that would be perfect for not too hot, not too cold weather. Then we got to PA and were looking at the possibility of staying until it got really cold, so I made a quick scarf and started working on a wool sweater from the yarn mom spun for me. So I've got two sweaters going, at least I finished the scarf. Now I'm looking at starting a pair of booties of Bill's grandmother, at least those would be quick. lol. I wonder what I'll start next?