Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It turns out that some of the pics I took recently weren't as bad as I thought they were. I managed to get one of each of my projects that didn't totally suck.

This is the Irish Diamond shawl. The yarn is Zephyr in the blueberry color, on US # 7 addi turbos. I love this yarn and I'm really looking forward to finishing this so I can see it all blocked out. The down side of this project is that it gets bigger with every pattern row. I'm currently up to ~400 stitches per row and it seems to take forever to make progress on it now. I hope to have this done by the end of October.

Here we have Box Lace. The color is more a cranberry than the bright red that comes through here. The yarn is Cashwool by Baruffa, a superfine merino. Size 7 Denise needles. I'm hoping to have this done for the holidays.

Here we have the Icarus shawl. Like the Diamond this is in Zephyr, the Mushroom color. Also like the Diamond it grows with every other row. Size US # 3 addi turbo needles. I don't have a deadline for this project, I just couldn't resist it any longer. This pic doesn't really show the color very well, but it's a cool almost cream almost gray that really does resemble a fresh mushroom.

Finally we have Feather & Fan in unspun icelandic wool on US # 8 addi turbos. I love this project. I have no deadline on this one either, but it's my go-to piece when the lace and tiny stitches of any of the others get to be too much. Now that the weather is turning colder I can't wait to finish this warm and cozy wonder. It has that comforting raw wool smell that makes me want to curl up with it in front of a fire and hibernate for the winter.

The Rose of England is back on the needles with the bellybutton cast on. I'm using the Cashwool by Baruffa and US # 2 addis. For those who asked I am using the magic loop method, at least in the beginning. Me and dpns don't get along, so I use it whenever I can. I will probably switch to a smaller circ. when I get done with chart A since it gets a little funky when you have 5 repeats per round and the slipping your round marker and such.

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