Monday, September 18, 2006

I should know better.

Friday night was Yarn Yoga night at LYS. I started out working on Diamond until I finished with the pattern repeat I was in the middle of. I was feeling so good about how that was going that I pulled out ROE to do a round on that. Evidently I can't chat and count at the same time. I got to the end of the round and had an extra stitch (crap!) and for all my going back and recounting and rechecking I couldn't find the error. So I tucked it away and decided to figure it out at home when I had quiet to concentrate. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate any error, and figured it must have happened on the previous pattern round. No problem, I thought, I'll just tink back until I know I'm good and continue on. WRONG! Tinking multiple YOs and coming out with the correct stitch count isn't happening for me. Then I rememebered that bit about slipping your beginning of round marker and gave it all up. Frogged the whole thing. On the bright side this gives me the chance to play with the belly button caston I've been eyeballing.

We had a pretty full weekend so I didn't get back to ROE, but maybe tonight. I did pick up the Feather & Fan shawl and got some good progress done on that one. I told the hubby what I liked about that project is that I haven't screwed it up yet! He made all the right condolence noises and made me soup. What a guy!

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