Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The Diamond shawl and I aren't speaking to each other right now. The last two days I feel like I've spent more time tinking that thing than making forward progress. I was almost done with one lace repeat when I dropped 3 stitches and couldn't for all my effort recover them correctly. So I chucked the whole thing on the table and decided to let it sit there today to "think about what it had done".

I'm also considering frogging the ROE and starting over. I read the instructions for the belly button cast on, and it makes such a beautiful center, I may have to try it. Since I'm still debating that and I was too tired and got home late last night I didn't do anything with ROE. I didn't want to continue forward if I'm just going to start over, and I didn't want to start over if I didn't have time to get some good progress done on the new start. So I did a couple rows on the Box Lace shawl and went to bed.

Hopefully tonight I'll have time to get some laundry and knitting done. I hope to have pictures of the other shawls I'm working on up soon. Maybe I'll even feel up to getting the Diamond shawl out of time out. Maybe...

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